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About us


A leading information technology and telecommunications advisory service provider, Information Legal is respected for its innovative service and quality advice.


What matters to us is assisting clients achieve their specific business outcomes. We do this through collaboration and support, by teaming with your people and respecting institutional knowledge. With you, we determine the objectives sought to be achieved in the context of your industry sector, risk appetite, budget and organisational maturity. We partner with you for long term sustainability.

We understand that the impact of information technologies upon 21st century life is massive and inescapable. We believe in directing the power of these technologies toward beneficial outcomes through providing advice that is both strategic and practical. 

We understand information management, information security, data privacy and governance at a level of expertise that is unique to our team and we believe we are among the “best in the business of information management and governance globally”.

Engagement – we offer varied and flexible engagement and fee options. Services can be provided on a time, fixed fee or project basis. Retainer services are available to maintain standards and currency.